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Online Consultation Of Patients Will Be Done By Qualified Doctors

Online consultation of patients will be done by qualified doctors only as per Medical Council of India and State Government Medical Council guidelines

Due to the current situation of the COVID19 pandemic, we request patients not to leave their homes unless absolutely necessary. Follow-up and regular OPD consultations can be done online till that time.

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Watering: A Symptom of Dry Eye???

Watering as a symptom of Dry Eye??? Sounds weird right??? How can a condition called “Dry” Eye have a symptom of “Watering”????

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Coronavirus and the COVID-19 Pandemic: Facts we know till now!

From 28th to 31st December, few patients were admitted in Wuhan hospitals with features of upper respiratory infection

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How to Plan your Health Insurance

The first step in anyone’s Financial Planning is providing for a good HEALTH INSURANCE PLAN.

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